IBAK Australia

Quality from the market leader in pipe inspection systems

IBAK Australia

Quality from the market leader in pipe inspection systems

Founded in 1945 as a small consulting engineering firm, IBAK is today the biggest manufacturer and supplier of pipe inspection systems and is at the same time the oldest company in the trade. For more than 65 years, customers all over the world have benefited from the great experience of this company with a great tradition.

Since 2014, IBAK has been directly represented in Australia so as to increase its proximity to customers with local support. IBAK Australia Pty. Ltd. provides professional service and direct sales to customers and interested parties in Australia and New Zealand.

The IBAK subsidiary in Sydney ensures the usual high standard of IBAK service and quality and offers a broad range of products including portable CCTV and cutter systems, CCTV and cutter systems for installation in trucks and lateral push rod systems. All necessary spare parts are available directly on site so that we can react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements.



Complete Systems

MiniLite-System, MicroLite-System, ASPECTA-System, MainLite fit, Professional System, Panoramo System, High-End System, Jetting-CCTV-System, Manhole Inspection System, MainLite solid

Individual components

Modular IBAK Inspection Systems: Cameras, Tractors, Cable drums and winches

Sewer Repair Systems

Powerful and robust products with an autonomous system for flexible and efficient work.

Leak testing of house drains and house sewers

IBAK has extended its MODULAR system of sewer TV components with the IBAK DPS Leak Testing System.

Product Highlights

Complete System Range

IBAK MainLite fit

  • Portable Mainline System

MainLite is the new compact camera tractor system from IBAK. It is available for vehicle installation (MainLite solid) or also as a portable system (MainLite fit) and offers a unique price to performance ratio.

The system is highly flexible, as all analogue IBAK camera tractors and cameras can be operated with it. MainLite fit consists of the control console BP100 for variable operation. This has a 10 inch touch screen and two joysticks to control the camera and the camera tractor.

For detailed informations see www.ibak.de.

MainLite fit combinable with



The IBAK NANO Camera is the smallest pan/rotate camera in the IBAK portfolio . It can be operated in pipes with diameters as small as 80 mm upwards.


The IBAK ORION is the all-rounder when it comes to the inspection of pipes of DN 100 and up.


In heavily branched networks, a special version of the IBAK ORION pan and tilt camera is used: the IBAK ORION L.


IBAK ORPHEUS is a pan and tilt camera for DN 150 pipes and up.


The IBAK ORPHEUS 2/3 has been available since 2016. In comparison to its predecessor, it impresses above all with higher resolution, high light sensitivity and very good illumination


The new ORPHEUS Lite is IBAK’s only tilt head camera and can be operated in DN 150 pipes upwards


The IBAK ARGUS 5 is a pan, tilt and rotate camera that can be adapted to the required settings for each specific inspection at the push of a button.

Camera tractor


The IBAK T 66 is a versatile camera tractor for the inspection of sewers of DN 100 and up.


The IBAK T 76 is a robust and steerable camera tractor for the inspection of sewers of DN 150 and up.

Control Unit


The control control BP100 is equipped with a 10-inch touch display and two joysticks.





Time-Tested Principle

Unlike conventional sewer inspection systems, the IBAK PANORAMO uses two high-resolution digital photo cameras with 185° fisheye lenses installed at front and rear of the camera tractor. The use of fisheye technology makes it possible to take pictures with extremely wide angle focal lengths. Photos are shot at 5 cm intervals and the photos from the front camera are combined with the corresponding photos from the rear camera. This generates what are called spherical images and these enable a true 3D interior view of the sewer to be created. The special feature is the use of two cameras that photograph the sewer from different perspectives. As a result, you can e.g. look into laterals with and against the flow during the analysis. The xenon flash lighting permits pin-sharp pictures to be generated even at maximum travelling speed (up to 35 cm per second) and prevents motion unsharpness.

PANORAMO Advantages at a Glance 

  • Brilliant 360° 4K resolution
  • High travelling speed of 35 cm per second
  • Inspection of the section(s) without any stops
  • No motion unsharpness in spite of high speed (flash technology)
  • Freely selectable perspective in the scanned 3D section film
  • Virtual sewer inspection, also in the office
  • Inspection tasks can be better planned
  • Additional unfolded view for a better overview
  • Video mode e.g. to identify flowing water
  • 3D GeoSense optional

For detailed informations see www.ibak.de.




The IBAK PANORAMO 150 is a steerable camera system for operational distances for DN 150 pipes and up.

As with the well-established PANORAMO (for DN 200 pipes and up) and the manhole camera PANORAMO SI, it boasts tried and tested 3D scanner technology – the user receives a 3D film containing the complete recordings of the entire pipe inspection as well as a processed illustration. Priceless advantage: irrespective of the actual sewer inspection, it is possible to evaluate the condition in the office at any time – just as if the inspector was live on-site. The viewer can move freely in the sewer pipe without any viewing restrictions, stop at any position, pan round 360°, zoom, look into inlets and even look backwards – all this without affecting the recorded imaging material in any way. All objects such as displaced joints, protruding pipe connections etc. can be viewed in detail from all sides.

The PANORAMO 150 is ideally suited for the inspection of DN 200 pipes repaired with inliners. A range of rims and wheels are naturally available for the PANORAMO 150 as well as profiled and granulated wheels for the the various nominal diameters. With its mechanical positioning unit, the PANORAMO 150 also masters bigger nominal diameters, making it a flexible and versatile device that completes the PANORAMO family.

For detailed informations see www.ibak.de.




The IBAK PANORAMO SI 4K uses two high-resolution digital cameras with 185° fisheye lenses. These are installed on the topside and underside of the cameras and take hemi­spherical photos at 5 cm intervals. The photos are put together to form spherical images, thus enabling a true 3D interior view of the manhole to be created. With the images files generated in this way, the perspective from which you want to view an event or a defect is freely selectable and a virtual manhole inspection and the measurement of defects are also possible in the office.

The xenon flash lighting permits pin-sharp images to be generated in spite of the very high scanning speed.

Over the last few years, the PANORAMO product line has been further improved on the basis of this proven technology. The result is an image that is much more brilliant still with 4K resolution on the 360° photos. This means that the resolution is four times as high as Full HD. To achieve such brilliance and to allow this high resolution to be displayed on the moni­tor and stored, the transmission path has been revolutionised. As with the recently released PANORAMO 4K for mainline sewer inspection, a Gigabit Ethernet Standard is being used for the transmission of the images and other data.

What is also new is the principle of combining efficient vehicle-based inspection with the portability of the manhole inspection system. A newly designed small cable reel with 12 metres of camera cable can be installed in the vehicle or also taken out of the vehicle and used in battery operation with an associated portable rack device. This enables even hard-to-access manholes to be inspected.

For detailed informations see www.ibak.de.

Camera Range




The IBAK ORPHEUS 2 HD is a high resolution pan and rotate camera for the full HD sewer inspection system. IBAK is the pioneer of this technology on the market and provides a system with which videos can be created, transmitted, displayed, processed and archived in full HD quality.

The ORPHEUS 2 HD camera is equipped with an image sensor in full HD format (1920 x 1080 = 2.08 million pixels) which has approximately 5 times as many pixels as a conventional PAL sensor.

The picture transmission is entirely digital, from the generation of the image in the camera head through to display and storage in the control unit. Thus, the camera image produced is of unrivalled quality in terms of resolution and colour fidelity. The full HD resolution of the ORPHEUS 2 HD is transmitted via optical fibre and highly efficiently compressed using the H.264 standard.

With its vertical image resolution of 1080 pixels, the ORPHEUS 2 HD fulfils the requirements of the DWA advisory leaflet M149-5 for the inspection of large diameter pipes (e.g. the required vertical resolution of at least 1000 pixels for DN 1000 pipes).

Besides high resolution digital image generation, the ORPHEUS 2 HD has all the important functions of a conventional pan and rotate camera such as a 10x optical zoom, automatic image routines and easy-to-handle diameter, deformation and defects measurement during inspections in the sewer.

All data are displayed and processed in the IKAS evolution software.

For detailed informations see www.ibak.de.

Mini Pushrod

IBAK MiniLite


IBAK MiniLite

The IBAK MiniLite is a compact push camera system for inspecting household and property drainage systems.

It combines extreme durability with easy handling and can be used safely after only a short training period. The MiniLite can be deployed together with the HYDRUS and a 30 metre Magic Push Rod from DN 50 upwards. In pipes of this size its ability to negotiate bends of 90° is guaranteed.

All other push cameras that can be attached to a Magic Push Rod (up to 40 m in length) or a Perfect Push Rod (up to 80 m) can be deployed in larger pipe diameters.

The 10“ MiniLite touch display provides excellent picture quality for all camera variants.

For detailed informations see www.ibak.de.

IBAK MicroLite


IBAK MicroLite

The IBAK MicroLite is an extremely compact, lightweight push rod system for operation in 50 mm pipes upwards. The coiler drum is equipped with 30 metres of bend-capable push rod and the IBAK axial camera AxialCam.

The integrated detachable control console BP1 is furnished with the IKAS Recorder basis software with which videos and individual photos can be recorded.
Depending on the requirements specified for inspections and the transfer of inspection data, the software variants IKAS mini or IKAS Evolution can be optionally installed.
 With its weight of approx. 16.5 kilos and its powerful batteries, the MicroLite is a favourably priced, versatile push rod system of proven IBAK quality.

For detailed informations see www.ibak.de.

Inspection Software

WinCan VX
WinCan VX


Wincan Inspection Software

The Software for the inspection and mangement of the waste water infrastructure

WinCan VX is the core of the entire WinCan product family. It offers the core functionality you need to collect pipe inspection data, organize it into a database, and generate inspection reports that graphically display the pipe and its defects. WinCan VX also allows you to manage data in the office post-inspection, share it with clients using free viewer software, and export it in a variety of formats. Various report templates present a concise summary of asset condition, and can be fully customized to individual needs.

  • Universal Compatibility

WinCan VX works interchangeably with all major brands of pipe inspection cameras, and our continuous development of the platform means you can count on it to support emerging technologies before the competition.

  • Flexible Reporting

WinCan VX reports can be custom-tailored to the needs of any user. Text and pictures can be arranged as desired, the size of columns and lines can be adjusted, and dynamic values can be generated and stored for reuse. Custom reports can be built from the ground up, or by modifying any of the supplied report templates.

  • Supporting Beginners and Experts

WinCan VX adapts to the capability of any user. Beginners unfamiliar with inspection codes can simply key in a term and WinCan VX will display all codes containing the term. Intermediate operators can navigate a hierarchical menu to drill down to the proper code. Experts can type in a portion of the code and WinCan will complete the observation without requiring any mouse clicks or window toggling.

For detailed informations see www.wincan.com.